Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thank you for spending time on this website and to read this document on Bagsville privacy policy. We have always given first priority to our customer’s privacy and this policy document describes how we collect information, why do we use it and other privacy areas including parental intervention and precautions to protect your identity and privacy, when purchasing from us or otherwise. This policy covers the following areas:

  • Collection and Use of Information (Sec. A)
  • Personal Information and Choice (Sec. B)
  • Information Security (Sec. C)
  • Reviewing and Correcting Your Personal Information (Sec. D)
  • Child Privacy (Sec. E)
  • Disclaimer (Sec. F)
  • Revision (Sec. G)
  • Contact Information and Enforcement (Sec. H)

Section A: Information Collected and How it is Used

What We Collect When You Only Browse Our Webpages

If you come to our website and do nothing, simply browse, read pages or download some information, we will gather preliminary information about your visit and this information is non-identifiable.

  • The Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • Type of browser and operating system used.
  • The web pages accessed by you on this website
  • Time and date of the visit

Using Non-Identifiable Information Collected By Us

  • To understand the customer behavior
  • Improve your shopping experience by re-organizing products and improving website navigation
  • Identify and understand your browsing behavior and understand your preferences

What We Collect If You Show Interest to Get Connected With Us

If you wish to do more than just browsing through our website such as participating in a survey, registering with us, purchasing from us, sending an email, returning or requesting refund, inquiring about new products or entering in a contest, we will ask you to furnish the following information:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Address – Shipping and Payment
  • Telephone Numbers – Personal and Work Phone
  • Transaction Information

Using Your Volunteered Information

At Bagsville, we ensure that every small personal information provided by you should be used for appropriate reasons. Here is how we use them –

  • To inform you about special promotional offers, contests, reward programs and sweepstakes.
  • To confirm and track your order
  • To contact you regarding the status update of your order
  • To respond to your product inquiries or requests
  • To inform you about potential threats whenever we notice any suspicious behavior in your account or using your financial information.
  • To communicate valuable brand information

External Use of Information Supplied to Us

Like any online retailer, Bagsville employs other services to perform specific functions on our behalf. Please note that we will disclose your name and shipping address to carefully selected and screened third parties and this is done strictly to -

  • Fulfill your orders
  • Deliver your packages
  • Respond to applicable governance requirements, legal requirements, procedures, regulations and statutes.

However, we never share your financial details, email details and credit card information for this purchase.

Section B: Personal Information and Choice

Please note that we respect our customers decision and collect no personal information unless they provide it voluntarily. You can voluntarily choose not to participate in our survey or provide your details in our registration form. Your choice to stay away from these online activities will not impair your chances to browse our website or read any information provided by us. We regularly communicate with our customers by sending them marketing communication such as newsletters, discount coupon codes or special sale information. You can unsubscribe of our email newsletter any time or request us to stop sending you marketing emails. Please note that your choice to stop our communication will not deny you rights to place general inquiries through our email id which is

Section C: Information Security

Bagsville have implemented stringent security measures to safeguard your personal information and payment information. Your credit card or debit card information entered at the website is automatically encrypted. Personally identifiable information collected during registration and ordering is secured through SSL technology. Your personal information remains accessible to a few of our carefully selected employees who are working with the order processing. Our security policies are reviewed regularly and revised as required.

Section D: Reviewing and Correcting Your Personal Information

Our goal is always to maintain the most current information about your personal details provided to us. You can review the personal information entered to our system and make appropriate changes regarding change of address, change of phone number or name by making changes on your profile (for this you have to login to your account using your email id or password). If you are unable to correct your information through your profile, feel free to email us at info

Section E: Child Privacy

Although Bagsville is a general audience site and we do not encourage children under the age of 14 to buy from us. If we come to know about information entered by minors, we will immediately purge it from our database and act in accordance to the applicable law.

Section F: Disclaimer

This policy is only applicable to However, we may share links with other websites, including ones operated by non-profit organizations, unrelated governmental agencies and private businesses. Be advised that Bagsville should not be held responsible for any content posted on unrelated websites and shall be excluded from any claims for injury or damages arising from the content on other websites. If you wish to visit any unrelated website sharing our website link, you should carefully read this privacy information before sharing any information.

Sec. G: Revision

Bagsville reserves right to revise or suspend any of the terms and conditions described in this document without any prior notice. We request our customers to visit this page to review our privacy policy before proceeding with their purchase or registration. This privacy policy was last updated on March, 2015.

Sec. H: Contact Information and Enforcement

We employ a self-assessment approach to ensure that this privacy policy complies to all established laws and mechanism. We verify our policy periodically to check its accuracy and aptness. We encourage our customers to raise concerns or complaints regarding any section provided in this policy. We will investigate their concerns and attempt to resolve their complaints amicably. Our contact details are –

  • 100 Capitola Dr
    Suite 100
    Durham, NC 27713
  • E-Mail :
  • Phone: 888-560-2247(Toll Free)